How To Find A Backyard Hammock Worth Quitting Your Job For

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How To Find A Backyard Hammock Worth Quitting Your Job For

Nothing beats a long hard day at work! Err, wait, make that: nothing beats calling in sick, grabbing a cold one, and relaxing for a long, well-deserved nap in a backyard hammock. This article not only encourages you to make that call and take the nap, but to help you find the best hammock possible for your day off. Here's what to look for for the perfect sick-day companion.


Above all, the best hammock is the most comfortable hammock. Most Americans are only familiar with the white rope hammocks that, if they can manage to nap in without tipping over and falling out, leave diamond shaped grill marks on the skin. Fortunately there are better options. The Mayans of Mexico have been perfecting the world's best hammock weave since before Columbus arrived. Their hammocks have come a long way from the days when they used to weave them from (sisal) tree bark, and you can find them in a wide array of colors and sizes. Nicaraguan hammocks offer a similar and equally comfortable weave as well. The key is the "double spring weave" in which parallel fibers are interwoven various times to create a hammock that stretches and conforms to your individual shape and weight.


Look for a large hammock. They may be referred to as large, jumbo, double, grande, or family hammocks. The key is that they can fit two adults. Even if you're napping alone, the extra space is well worth it as it allows you to lay at a slight diagonal angle and achieve the most comfortable position possible. (Hint: when you lie diagonally in a hammock you tend to lie flatter, while lying straighter puts you in a more upright position; great for short naps or reading books.) Also, the extra fabric of a large hammock can come in handy as you can fold it back over yourself in the early evening or on a cooler day. On this note, if you can find a hammock with fringes on the sides, BUY IT! Not only are they a nice decorative touch, but they work great as a makeshift blanket.


Lastly, don't skimp on style. A backyard hammock doesn't have to be white. Look for bright, bold attractive colors that would look great in your bedroom, living room, or patio as well. On this note, Lazy Bandido offers some of the most attractive hammocks out there that can add a great touch to an otherwise plain room.

So remember, style, comfort and size are the keys to the best backyard hammock, and a great day off work. Just don't forget your doctor's note!