Your Rabbit Deserves A Sound Outdoor Hutch

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Your Rabbit Deserves A Sound Outdoor Hutch

If you're going to have a pet, rabbits make great ones, whether you keep them indoors or out. If you wish to keep your rabbit outside, then you will definitely need to get yourself an outdoor rabbit hutch. There are many different options on outdoor rabbit hutches, you can either build it yourself or you can opt to buy it from a store online, or from an auction on eBay.

You need to be aware of all the dangers associated with keeping your pet rabbit outside if you're going to do so. One of the biggest common dangers is predators. Being that a rabbit is considered food for a lot of creatures it's not surprising that your pet cat, raccoons, snakes, and foxes think of these critters sitting in your cage as a nice tasty treat just waiting to be eaten. The danger isn't in just them being eaten though, when a rabbit is frightened it can just as easily die from a heart attack.

You can see now why having a really good outdoor rabbit hutch for your bunny is a good idea.Providing a rabbit with an enclosed shelter, is an essential so that it feels safe when a critter comes around. It also needs to contain enough shelter to keep the rabbit comfortable in foul weather.

When you are making a decision of how big the outdoor rabbit hutch should be, you need to take into consideration the size of the rabbit when it is fully grown.The hutch needs to be at minimum four times the length of the rabbit when it is fully stretched out. If you plan on putting in a litterbox this extra space is especially important.

The most popular types of outdoor rabbit hutches are made out of 1) wood, and 2)wire. The most commonly used one is the wood type. These offer more safety and security for your bunny, and make them feel more comfortable. It is my opinion that if you are going to build your own rabbit hutch, attaching a wire cage run area to a wooden living unit would be an awesome combination for your rabbit. Always use quality materials when you're building your own if you want it to last.

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