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Ensuring That Your Party Tents Last Long

Ensuring That Your Party Tents Last Long

For party lovers, there is nothing more beautiful than having an outdoor party on the lawn. Combining the smell of good food, the joy brought by good music and company is made perfect by adding fresh air to the equation. Party tents are the innovation the make outdoor parties possible. It is this realization that has made many purchase party tents.

Party tents are an important asset and should be stored in favorable conditions. Keeping this in mind that, one must wash their party tent to ensure that it is sparkling for the next party. How do you store it to ensure that it will serve you for many parties in the coming years? For a host it is disastrous to have to cancel a party because the tent is in no condition for use. Here, are a few tips to ensure that your tent will always be in favourable condition to serve you and your guests:

To clean your party tent you will need tent wash, lukewarm water, mineral oil, salt, Lysol and a soft brush. After you have the necessary items on hand, it is wise to check weather reports to ensure that the days ahead are going to be sunny. Your tent needs to dry entirely before you can store it.

Set up your tent as you would if you are going to use it. If it is heavy and requires metal supports for it to stand on its own then ensure you set up the pieces such that they are upright. Do not lay it on the ground.

After set up, take the soft brush and gently brush off the dirt, grass or any other material that can be easily removed. Take a medium sized bucket and fill it with lukewarm water. Add the tent wash to the water in reasonable amounts. If you do not have tent wash make use of a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid.

Do not under any circumstance use a harsh detergent or mix the water with bleach. Start washing the tent using a sponge or a soft brush from the top going down to the bottom. Ensuring the tent is upright enables you to wash both the in and the outside of the tent.

After a thorough cleaning, rinse the tent preferably with a hosepipe. Allow the water to flow from the top to the bottom and rinse it several times to get rid of all the soap.

Do not dismantle it and leave it there to dry. Make sure that the tent is dry all over before you take it down. It is better to take it down during the day when it is hot. If you do so at night or early in the morning, it may have, dew and you will end up storing a damp tent.

After ensuring that it is completely dry, you can fold it up and store it in an area that is cool and dry. Placing it in a humid environment may encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Store support items such as poles, ropes and stakes separately.

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